Relation Between Fertility Rates and Education Levels

I have seen many articles in the past year of how fertility rates have been dropping so significantly countries are paying people to give birth. It sparked an interest in how education and economies have shifted this change.

As the average years of schooling increases, the fertility rate drops. This might be because there is less time to focus on raising children when someone is still working through degrees.

  • Which country has seen the most decrease in fertility rates since 1950? Singapore had an 80% decrease in Fertility Rates since 1950. With 6.4 average in 1960 dropping to 1.27 70 years later. This is also now one of the richest countries in the world.
  • Are there any countries that do not follow the overall trend? For all the countries we have data, globally all countries have increased their education level and fertility rates decreased
  • Can we predict that becoming more educated have an impact on future population growth? With education comes better knowledge and accessibility to birth control. I think eventually fertility rates will hit a bottom baseline but believe education has become more accessible for so many people that this will continue to grow.

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