Air Quality in India and It's Impact in Healthcare

Air quality measures the amount of pollutions utilizing a number of indicators including the amount of particles (PM2.5 and PM10), carbon monoxide, ground-level ozone, sulfur and nitrogen dioxide. The rollup of these indicators are summarized in the AQI or Air Quality Index, The AQI is a measure from 0 to 500 that lists the severity of the issue. with +301 being hazardous and -50 being good.

However, overall our focus will be observing of what are the most common raspatory illnesses occurring within India, due to the poor air quality. And aiding in the decision of where the government should build new healthcare facilities with the assistance of private contractors.

These contractors want to look at a variety of factors - including where the AQI is increasing the fastest, but also where the population is growing the fastest. They want to ensure a good amount of traffic coming through the healthcare facilities to make the building of them worthwhile.

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